Smart home devices secure safer homes in the age of automation

Mark Brookes

Smart home devices are rapidly growing in both popularity and usefulness. We all want to simplify life, experience less stress, enjoy our homes, but, perhaps more critically, know that our loved ones and valuables are protected. Here we look at an innovative, secure storage solution, remotely controlled by a smartphone app or fingerprint, for a smarter, safer home.

Home Security Innovations Protect What’s Most Important to Us

Home automation systems and smart home devices are certainly not completely new, thanks to the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but there are increasingly cutting-edge applications created every day that can enhance your experience.

Securing your home is one of the top reasons for smart device adoption and a key driver of modern residential automation technology. A smart product allows you to control virtually any device in your home from your phone or other gadget, even when you’re not physically in the house. Smart home security cameras, smart video doorbells and smart locks are just a few of the more recent advancements that help keep the things or people we love most safe.


For example, smart lock technology gives you full command over your home security. Innovative door sensors tell you whether your front door is open or closed at all times. You can control the lock through your smartphone, so you don’t have to leave keys under the doormat or with a neighbour in an emergency. Instead, you simply tap the app and the lock makes way for the entrant.

Another convenient intelligent home technology is the smart doorbell, which is fantastic for households with children. This remote technology puts parents in control of security when children are inside the house and the parents are still at work or elsewhere. The parents can answer the door from afar and communicate with visitors using a smartphone app.

Innovative and Smart Home Safe Technology

Recently, home safes have been receiving a high-tech makeover as forward thinking manufacturers are devising new and inventive ways to outsmart the crooks and protect what is most important to us all. You can guarantee that the savvy criminals will be keeping abreast of the technological advancements and it’s imperative to try and stay one step ahead.

Imagine a small accessible home safe that you could only open with a smartphone app or biometric fingerprint to secure those important everyday items like your phone, car keys, credit cards, cash, watch, tablet or passport? If you leave these items out on the kitchen work top in plain sight, they are an easy target for a would-be thief. When you consider the key-cloning technology deployed by hackers today and the number of ‘keyless entry’ cars on the market, burglars don’t actually even have to break in to your home to steal your car nowadays.


How much peace of mind would you then have if you also knew that that same small accessible home safe was not only concealed from sight, hidden away in a drawer unit, but also acted as a Faraday shield? The clever piece of home technology has a cage construction, a steel enclosure that blocks electromagnetic fields, can be used to prevent access of wireless devices and thus protects your data. Faraday functionality ensures that any information emitting device placed in the safe can have its signal range significantly reduced by a factor of 30. In real terms, this means a car key with a “keyless entry” feature that typically has a range of 3 metres – previously susceptible to hacking from outside of a residence – now has its functional range reduced to only 10cm.

Connectivity of the safe to the smartphone app affords even more control in the form of encrypted tracking of user activity. Users can create their own profile as well as those of family members or further individuals they wish to have access and, at any point, the activity log functionality allows users to see when the safe has been opened and by whom.

It would certainly appear that smart home security and devices are becoming more impressive and all-encompassing than ever, offering many new ways to make your home both safer and easier to manage. It will be tough to predict the next intelligent home technology enabling you to simplify your lives and experience less stress whilst securing your homes from unwanted intrusion, but this blog has given you a good insight into what currently exists to help you protect what you value the most.

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