Why hotels should change the master code on their security boxes

Mark Brookes

A personal security box at a hotel is a service appreciated by many guests. However, hotels must be careful to change the default master code on their room safes - or risk a lapse in security for their guests.


All safes designed for use in hotels must be able to be opened by the hotel if required.

Use a management override code

Most hotel room security boxes allow the hotel to programme in a management override code. This code can be used by authorised staff members to unlock the safe when necessary.

If a guest forgets their code or checks out, leaving their safe locked, a hotel needs to be able to open that safe with ease.

Don't let default codes become a security risk

When a hotel security box is delivered, it already has a default override code. This is a code set by the factory and is typically a simple combination of numbers that is easy to guess.

It is, therefore, essential for a hotel to reset this default code before the safety box is installed in a room for use by a guest. In this way, a hotel will ensure it is offering its guests a security box that truly protects their valuable items.

Key tips in summary:

  • Always change the factory default setting
  • Limit who has the key code(s)
  • Change codes regularly
  • Never use simple access codes like 0000 or 1234

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