Secure storage solutions for precious metals

Stephan Seifert

More and more people are falling victim to scammers. A recent gold investment fraud in Cologne, Germany has cost investors an incredible 45 million Euros. If anything, criminals’ prey on people more when they are already vulnerable and, whether we like it or not, they will also suffer when the economy is struggling, so will be more active.

Fraudsters, however, are different from honest people. They have no conscience and, it is at times like this, that we must all stay extra vigilant and try to protect ourselves from those who would scam us.

If you have decided to invest in gold, or indeed any other valuable and precious metal, then there are a number of safe options available to you for storage. These are the ones that Stephan Seifert, Sales Director Central Europe, recommends.

Bank Vault and / or mechanical safe deposit boxes

A highly secure option would be to store your metals in a safety deposit box at your local bank or in a private bank vault. Boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and, of course, high security is the most reassuring advantage that a bank can offer.

Mechanical safe deposit boxes

If your gold is stored in a bank vault, it then allows the flexibility of being able to buy, sell and store your precious metals all from one place whilst remaining in your full ownership.


Automated safety deposit lockers

Automated safe deposit lockers are an alternative choice and are self-service systems based on robotised technology. They require no other human assistance or intervention and entry is not restricted. Basically, you can have access to your safe deposit locker 24/7, at any time and on any day of the week with advanced customer identification ensuring top level security.

Automated safe deposit locker

Home safe

You can, of course, choose to store your precious metals at home, where you are assured not only of direct access to, but also total control over your assets. Chubbsafes have an assortment of safes suitable for private home use with varying accreditation standards and degrees of fire and burglary resistance. All of these elements are essential for insurance reasons and we suggest you check either with a knowledgeable agent or your insurance company before making your final choice.

Home safe

The free downloadable guide below will help you to choose the safe to meet your specific needs. 

How to choose the right safe for your home!

Download our free guide and avoid the common pitfalls associated with buying a safe.


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