Why will my safe not open?

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Our customer service teams work tirelessly to assist our clients across the globe. Here are just a few issues that they successfully handle in relation to our Chubbsafes safes.

  • The door to our safe will not open.
  • We are having problems with the electronic lock.
  • How do we create new users for a cash safe?
  • We've thrown away / lost the key to the safe. Can we copy it?

You can read the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about cash safes, security safes, filing cabinets and fire-proof safes below.

The door to our safe will not open

There are several reasons why a safe will suddenly not open and, after our customer service staff have asked several questions, the reasons may well be one of these:

There is a broken component inside the key lock

Your lock can become worn and damaged so much so that it will no longer operate. A service technician can be called who will get you back up and running. Always make sure you have any spare key readily available. Depending on the type of lock, it might be able to be repaired, replaced or new keys will be configured.

broken component inside the key lock

The bolts have become misaligned 

When a safe is open and the bolts are extended (as shown in the picture below), they will knock against the edge of the safe when the door is closed. If the door is closed repeatedly with the bolts extended, the bolts may become misaligned over time and this may be the reason why the door will not open. A trained service technician can open the safe and bolts can more than likely be straightened so that the safe does not have to be replaced.


The door has dropped on its hinges

On the large sturdy safes, the door is incredibly heavy. Over time, a door and hinges may need adjusting and this may be the reason that the door will not open. It is therefore necessary for a technician to reset it.

The electronic lock on the safe does not work

An electronic lock uses batteries and when the battery is about to be discharged, the lock will either visually or audibly remind you, depending on the type. For optimum performance, the batteries should be replaced regularly. We always recommend that the customer uses batteries of a good quality e.g. Duracell or Varta (9 Volt) of the Alkaline type.

The electronic lock on the safe does not work

Unfortunately, in our experience, other cheaper batteries are not ideal. Like any other piece of electronic equipment, electronic locks require programming. Have you followed the operating instructions to the letter?

Can we have our safe key copied?

Some keys can be copied, but we recommend a new lock with 2 new keys. Even if only one key is gone, you never know who has the other and whether abuse is involved.

Can we have our safe key copied?

Some safe keys are unique and cannot be copied. If one key has gone, the lock can be adjusted with a new set of unique keys. If both keys are gone, the safe usually needs to be forced open.

It is a common misconception that dealers and manufacturers of safes have extra keys lying around! Only the customer ever has the keys.

We have forgotten the safe code

As with keys, a dealer or manufacturer does not keep a copy of the code. Certain locks can be reset providing you have the door open, but most locks require the existing code to be known before you can reset them.


Some locks contain a master code that control other users and, if this is known, it may be possible to re-program all the codes. If your unit cannot be opened with a code, the solution is for a trained service technician to force open the safe.

Always make sure you have a clear policy controlling the master code, paying attention to what could happen in the event of staff changes.

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